Improve the Cutting Edges of Your Knives with an Electric Knife Sharpener from RealSharp of Forsyth, Missouri

Ensure Your Knives Make the Cut

                                               with Our Expert Knife Sharpening Service

In addition to offering a first-rate electric knife sharpener, RealSharp provides knife sharpening service. Just send us your knives and we'll do the work for you. This saves you the time and effort of doing it yourself. Get your knives razor sharp with our knife sharpening service in Forsyth, Missouri.

Renew Your Knives with Our Knife Sharpener
Our machine is fast! It sharpens a dull knife in 5 to 7 minutes, producing a flat, double bevel edge that is unique from other electric sharpeners and long lasting. You can sharpen any non-serrated knife with our sharpener. Each sharpener comes with 1 standard angle clamp.

Sharpening Services
RealSharp can do the sharpening for you. Mail us your knives and we'll send them back sharper than new with an edge that will last. The cost for this service varies depending on the knives and sizes of the blades. E-mail us for additional information and a quote.

Sanding Belts
We employ a three belt system.

 • 120 Grit Belt:  This belt is used to produce the proper angle on the bevel as well as eliminate any unwanted damage including chips and nicks. It can also be used to fix broken tips. The 120 Grit belt will last from 10-25 knives depending on use. Cost--$2.50 each, or you can buy 10 for $20.
  600 Grit Belt: Once finished with the first belt the 600 grit belt is used to put the fine edge on the blade. It will last for 30 to 50 knives. Cost--$2.50, or you can buy 10 for $20.
 Felt Belt: This belt is the finishing touch. With a bit of jewlers rouge applied, this belt completes the process making the blade razor sharp. It will last for 200 to 400 knives. Cost--$18.


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Become A Retailer
Make extra money in your own store by sharpening knives. You can also earn cash selling the RealSharp electric knife sharpener and sanding belts. Call us today for more information on how to become a retailer.

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